SIE Understanding Trading, Customer Accounts and Prohibited Activities Practice Test 1

1. Which of the following does a stop order become after the stop price is available on the market?

2. Which of the following is a short sale?

3. Which of the following will calculate the return on an investment?

4. Which of the following will calculate the yield to maturity?

5. What is the payment date for regular way settlement on corporate stock, corporate bonds, and municipal funds specified by MSRB rule G-15?

6. Which type of corporate action results in the following adjustment to securities: five shares of the firm's common stock are replaced by two shares of the firm's common stock?

7. Which of the following would represent the impact a three-for-one stock split would have on the par value of a share of stock?

8. Which of the following account types is used to make a short sale?

9. A discretionary account has which of the following features?

10. Which of the following describes a joint account?

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