SIE Exam Online Practice Test 13

1. The practice of buying and selling stocks rapidly throughout the day in the hope that the stocks will continue climbing or falling in value for the seconds to minutes that they are owned allowing for quick profits to be made is called ______________.

2. Which of the following investments would not be a suitable recommendation for an IRA?

3. The possibility of higher prices in the future reducing the amount of goods or services that may be bought is known as _______________.

4. What is the name for stocks that have been sold and then repurchased (and held) by the issuing firm?

5. A ____________ is an equity investment representing ownership in a corporation.

6. A company declares a 2:1 stock split. An investor who currently owns 100 shares of stock will have how many shares after the split?

7. Selling a security to generate a loss and then immediately buying the security back is a _________.

8. Which of the following is an option issued by a given company to buy one or more shares of common stock in that company at a price initially above the market price?

9. The market in which securities are traded after they have been issued is the _________?

10. Which of the following risks are associated with investing internationally?

11. What is the last date that ABC Corporation stock can be purchased to receive the dividend?

On November 1, ABC Corporation declared a $0.25 dividend to shareholders of record on Monday, December 5, payable on December 15.

12. A customer purchases 100 shares of ABC stock at $35/share and pays $85 in commissions. What is the cost basis?

13. _________ represents the resources of a company.

14. Which financial statement shows the company's assets, liabilities, and shareholders' equity?

15. Municipal bonds backed by the full faith and credit, and taxing power, of the issuer are called ______________.

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