FINRA SIE Exam Practice Test 6

1. Within how many days must a member report to FINRA if the member or an associated person of the member is the subject of a written customer complaint involving allegations of theft or misappropriation of funds?

2. Correspondence means any written communication that is distributed to _____ or fewer retail investors within any ______-day period.

3. What is the dollar value that any gift from or to a member or person associated with a member may not exceed in one year?

4. A registered representative trading an equity based on non-public information in his or her own account before trading for clients is called ________________.

5. Which of the following items regarding SIPC must member firms advise all new customers of in writing when opening a new account?

I. The SIPC website address

II. The SIPC telephone number

III. How to obtain the SIPC brochure

6. Which of the following terms refers to printed or processed analysis covering individual companies or industries?

7. When using testimonials, which of the following points does not need to be clearly stated in the body copy of the material?

8. Registered Investment Advisers are registered through the ___________.

9. Prior to the Options Disclosure Document (ODD) being delivered, a registered representative may do which of the following:

10. A municipal security advertisement that concerns the facilities, services, or skills with respect to municipal securities of such broker, dealer, or municipal securities dealer or of another broker, dealer, or municipal securities dealer is the definition of _____________.

11. A member may not publish a research report regarding a subject company for which the member acted as manager or co-manager of an IPO for _________ days following the date of the offering.

12. Which of the following is true regarding third-party research reports?

13. Which of the following accounts is not covered by FDIC?

14. What is the limit of FDIC protection per depositor, per insured bank, for each account ownership category?

15. What is the maximum amount that may be gifted within one calendar year (2020) to avoid taxation?

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