SIE Exam Online Practice Test 15

1. Which of the following statements is true regarding the maximum profit and loss that the writer of an uncovered call option may realize?

2. Which of the following can be defined as a security?

3. Which of the following are true of the term equity?

I. It is interchangeable with the term stock.

II. It provides the investor with ownership stake in the issuing corporation.

III. The shares do not mature and are therefore perpetual.

IV. A corporation's goal in selling shares is to create capital.

4. What is stock that has been authorized for sale and sold to investors (regardless of its current ownership) considered to be?

5. Which of the following actions regarding stock PIX would be considered a violation for any registered representative?

6. Corporation PIX is behind on paying out a dividend on its 6 percent cumulative preferred stock. It has not paid a dividend for the past two years as well as the current year. What is the amount per share the owners of these shares should be paid to be current, and which of the following should be paid their dividend first: owners of cumulative preferred shares or common shareholders?

7. What would the calculated current yield be for an investor given the following information?

- Investor buys 200 shares of stock PIX @ $45 per share.

- Stock PIX is currently trading @ $52 per share.

- Co. PIX pays a quarterly dividend of $1.25.

8. The Federal Reserve acts to guide and control the monetary policy of the country. Which of the following are actions it might take to do that?

9. Which of the following is a consequence of the Federal Reserve increasing the discount rate?

10. Of the different types of economic indicators, which type acts to provide confirmation of the state of the economy based on indicators that occur for a period of time after a change in its direction occurs?

11. What is the type of company whose earnings are easily affected and impacted by whatever the state of the overall economy is?

12. All of the following are true of market orders except that

13. An investor places an order to buy 250 PPG 62.15 GTC DNR. The stock closes the prior day at 63.10. Further, the stock goes ex dividend for 0.15 and accordingly will open with the market the next day at 62.95. Given these developments, which of the following depicts what the investor's buy order will be as of market opening the next day?

14. What is a dealer violation involving a dealer not honoring his or her published NASDAQ quote called?

15. What is an investment that involves investors receiving interest and principal payments on a monthly basis as a result of individual mortgages being paid down known as?

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