FINRA SIE Practice Test 3

1. All of the following are true regarding a suspicious activity report (SAR) except:

2. A type of mutual fund or exchange-traded fund (ETF) whose investment objective is to achieve approximately the same return as a specific market index, such as the S&P 500, is called a(n) __________________.

3. Unsystematic risk is also known as _________________.

4. The risk that a security will be redeemed prior to its maturity date is known as _________.

5. What type of bonds are high-risk securities that have received low ratings and produce high yields?

6. What is another name for an unrealized gain?

7. If a company declares a 3:2 stock split, how many additional shares will an investor with 200 shares receive?

8. When interest rates increase, what happens to bond prices?

9. An option to buy shares of a new issue of common stock at a specified price, over a specified, fairly short period of time, is a _____________.

10. Which of the following statements is false regarding short selling?

11. What is the dividend amount that a shareholder who owns 100 shares will receive in the following scenario?

ABC Corporation declared a $0.25 dividend to shareholders of record on Monday, December 5, payable on December 15. The closing price of ABC Corporation stock on December 5 is $20.34.

12. Which of the following types of stocks are considered defensive stocks?

13. What is the tax rate on a long-term capital gain for an individual in the highest income tax bracket?

14. _________ represents the debts of a company.

15. Which financial statement provides a financial summary of the operating results of the company?

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