Security Industry Essentials Practice Test 30

1. If inflation has been increasing at an increasing rate, which of the following actions might the Federal Reserve Board take?

2. Which of the following transactions takes place in the secondary market?

3. The document released by the issuer of municipal securities for a primary offering that discloses material information is called the

4. In the event of a corporate liquidation, which of the following has the highest priority to corporate assets?

5. A 3.5 % GO Municipal Bond last traded at 99. This bond is selling at

6. Which of the following is true of a new issue?

7. A hedge fund manager that is long large cap US stocks in the fund's portfolio may hedge his risk by

8. Authorized stock is all of the following, except:

9. ABC common stock declined dramatically in value over the last quarter but the dividend it declared for payment this quarter has remained the same. The dividend yield on the stock has:

10. A corporation may pay a dividend in which of the following ways? Choose the most complete response.

11. When is the interest on an EE savings bond paid?

12. A syndicate has published a tombstone ad prior to the issue becoming effective. Which of the following must appear in the tombstone?

I. A statement that the ad is not an offer to sell the securities.

II. No commitment statement.

III. Contact information.

IV. A statement that the registration has not yet become effective.

13. Which of the following is NOT a type of offering?

14. Which of the following are true about an option?

I. The two parties are known as the buyer and the seller. The money paid by the buyer of the option is known as the option's premium.

II. The buyer has bought the right to buy or sell the security depending on the type of option.

III. It is a contract between two parties that determines the time and place at which a security may be bought or sold.

IV. The seller has an obligation to perform under the contract, possibly to buy or sell the stock depending on the option involved.

15. In which type of account does the nominal owner of the account enter all orders for the beneficial owner of the account?

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