Security Industry Essentials Practice Test 29

1. Allowable ways to qualify for a breakpoint when purchasing front-end load mutual funds include:

I. Exchange or conversion privilege with a fund family

II. Reinvesting dividends and/or capital gains distributions under an LOI.

III. 13-month LOI

IV. ROA – rights of accumulation

2. Each of the below business enterprises exhibit flow-through of tax and related consequences except:

3. Depreciation write-offs represent which of the following?

4. Every FINRA member firm must have in place a Business Continuity Plan which addresses:

5. A candidate who fails the SIE exam three times and has waited the six-month moratorium period is preparing to take the exam for the fourth time. Which of the following is true?

6. If a mutual fund purchaser signs a letter of intent in order to take advantage of a breakpoint discount, how long does he have to buy enough shares to reach the breakpoint?

7. Front-running refers to the practice of:

8. Which of the following investors would be most subject to inflationary risk?

9. Of the following, which is the correct definition for open market operations?

10. Limited liability means that a common shareholder:

11. Blake goes long 1 ABC Jan 40 put @ 7 when the market is 42. 7 months later, Blake closes the contract at intrinsic value when the market is at 39. What is the gain or loss?

12. Which of the following bonds will rise the furthest in price when interest rates fall?

13. A Clearing Firm is

14. Which entity conducts the USA's monetary policy to promote maximum employment, stable prices, and moderate long-term interest rates in the United States economy?

15. A checking account that is held at a regional bank is guaranteed by

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