Security Industry Essentials Practice Test 26

1. Each member broker-dealer is required to have a principal executive monitoring the firm's adherence to SRO as well as State and Federal laws and regulations, known as the firm's

2. In the industry, the term 'Blue Chip' most often is associated with:

3. When a customer places a purchase order for an NYSE stock and the trade is reported at a price which is different than the actual transaction price,

4. ETPs (exchange-traded products) generally include:

5. Under what conditions, if any, may an agent of a broker-dealer share in the profits and losses of a customer's account?

6. Under the Internal Revenue Code as it pertains to traditional individual retirement accounts (IRA),

7. The agency in charge of maintaining a list of individuals and institutions for which opening a brokerage account may be prohibited or restricted is known as:

8. In order for a registered representative to maintain their securities license on an ongoing basis, which of the following properly states the CE requirements?

9. When an agent engages in securities activities outside the scope of their broker-dealer,

10. A large institutional client of yours has discussed their imminent intent to place a very large purchase order for the stock of XYZ. As the agent of record, you place an order immediately in your own account prior to placing the client's order.

11. That most basic tenet of a suitability determination is the:

12. Making cold calls to prospects in accordance with the telemarketing consumer protection act may only be done:

13. A customer of a brokerage firm must receive a customer account statement with which of the following frequencies?

I. Monthly

II. Weekly if there has been any activity in the account

III. A minimum of at least quarterly

IV. Monthly if there has been any activity in the account

14. United States government budgetary and taxation policies are best described as:

15. When one of the individuals in an account opened as Tenants in Common dies, their share of the account:

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