FINRA Series 10 Exam Practice Test 6: MSRB Rules and Regulations

1. An MSRB member executes an order for an institutional customer in the marketplace. The customer purchases municipal bonds issued 10 years ago, maturing in 5 years. According to Rule G-15, all of the following must be on the customer's confirmation, EXCEPT:

2. A customer in the 30% tax bracket is considering investing in a municipal bond with a current yield of 6%. If the customer were to consider a corporate bond of equal quality, the corporate bond must yield at least:

3. Trades between two MSRB members must be reported to:

4. A customer of an MSRB member firm must be allowed to review which of the following upon request?

5. A new employee of an MSRB member firm must wait how long before dealing with the public?

6. You have purchased municipal bonds whose proceeds have been used to build a new school in your town. The bonds are trading ex legal. What is the most likely reason for this?

7. A round lot for municipal bonds is:

8. When considering investing in a municipal bond, the opinion stating it's a binding obligation of the issuer is issued by:

9. AMBAC insures against:

10. As a municipal bond trader, you call a market maker asking for a quote on a specific municipal bond. The trader responds, "I have them 6.1 bid offered 5.9 out firm." What does this mean?

11. Which of the following can issue a municipal bond?

I. Counties

II. States

III. Cities

IV. Turnpike Authorities

12. Regarding a municipal bond underwriting, which of the following is a violation?

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